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AHP Boiler Services – FAQ’s

Boiler Installations | Boiler Servicing & Landlord Gas Safety Certificates

Power Flushing | Boiler & Central Heating Repair

Boiler Installations


How long approximately will it take to replace my boiler?
In most cases, we offer a same day service, as work is usually completed within a day. If required, boiler installation can be completed over two days to fit in with customers schedules and existing commitments.
How will I know what boiler I need?
The boiler manufacture you chose is completely your choice. However, our trained staff will be able to recommend you a boiler tailored to your requirements, lifestyle and your system’s needs.
Do I have to be there?
You may leave our engineers to work on their own, knowing that your home will be respected and treated as such during the work. We can provide key collection, if necessary.
How much disruption to my home will it cause?
Our installations are carried out by trusted professionals and every care is taken to leave a dwelling in the same condition we found it, wherever possible, taking respectable measures. So disruption is minimal.
How long are the guarantees on my new boiler?
We supply you with a manufacturer's guarantee which is between 1 - 10 years depending on make, model and type of boiler.
Do you flush the central heating system out?
Yes, we flush the heating system out before fitting the boiler in order to meet current manufacturer's guidelines for their extended guarantees. This service is included in all our boiler and central heating installations, free of charge.
Will I get a certificate when the boiler is installed?
Yes, you will get a buildings regulation certificate once the boiler is installed and the boiler has been registered with the Gas-Safe register.

A certificate can only be provided once the boiler has been installed and commissioned by a competent and qualified gas safe registered installer.
Do I need to have a Magnaclean filter fitted?
Although not mandatory, we highly recommend having a Magnaclean filter fitted as it protects the boiler from debris and from damaging the working parts of the boiler.

It also helps prevent blockages in heat exchangers and (most importantly) prolongs the life of your boiler. Great Invention!
Should I fit a limescale reducer?
Yes, we would advise fitting a lime scale reducer. For those living in the south east of England who suffer from limescale (due to very hard water), fitting a limescale reducer greatly prolongs the life of your boilers hot water side and sustains high performance.

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Will I need to upgrade my gas supply to the boiler?
Depending on how old the existing boiler is, the new boiler may need a substantially larger gas supply, as new boilers tend to use gas at a faster rate. Upgrading your gas supply also depends on how many other gas appliances you have.

The gas supply in some cases needs to be made larger from the gas meter to the boiler to accommodate increased consumption, especially if a bigger boiler is being installed that requires a larger amount of Kilowatts.


Boiler Servicing & Landlord Gas Safety Certificates


How much will it cost?
Our service / landlord gas safety certificates cost between £48.50 – £180.00 +vat with costs varying on make, model and type of boilers (gas, fire or water heater).
How long will commissioning a service / landlord gas safety certificate take?
A usual service / landlord gas safety certificate takes between 45 minutes and an hour.
Do you give a service certificate?
Yes, we give a service certificate on completion; however this is not a landlord gas safety certificate.
What is the difference between a landlord gas safety certificate (CP12) and a service certificate?
A service certificate is given once a particular appliance has been serviced (including cleaning, adjusting and checking system performance) such as a boiler or gas fire and doesn’t include other appliances and installations.

A landlord gas safety certificate includes running various operational tests and performing safety inspections on all gas appliances and installations within a property.
Read more about a landlords duty to gas safety and their legal responsibilities.

Do I need to service my boiler every year?
Boiler manufacturers and the gas-safe register all recommend, in the interest of safety and good working order and manufactures guarantees, that a boiler or gas appliance should be serviced at least once a year.
How often is a landlord gas safety certificate needed?
The law states that you need to have a landlord gas safety certificate for every year that you are renting a property. Read this to find out more:

Power Flushing


What are the signs that your central heating system may need power flushing?


  • Black dirty water from radiator bleeding
  • Radiator cold spots
  • Slow heating circulation
  • Little to no heat coming from radiators
  • Noisy boiler or central heating system
  • Poor hot water temperature.
  • Constant fluctuating hot water
  • Boiler cutting off
  • Constant boiler repairs
  • High energy bills

If your boiler or central heating is experiencing some or many of the above, please contact us to organise a free, onsite assessment.

How is power flushing done?
A powerful, high flow / low pressure pumping unit is attached to the heating system via a radiator, pump or an accessible part of you boiler or central heating system.

The machine then pumps water mixed with chemicals through the heating system removing debris, scale and dirt through to a filter were it is then removed. The central heating water and system chemicals are then neutralised and flushed through with clean water. Finally, an “inhibitor” (central heating system protector) is added.
How long will it take to perform?
Usually a standard power-flush lasts around 4 hours.
How much disruption to my home will a power flush cause?
Our power flushing is carried out by trusted professionals and every care is taken to leave a dwelling in the same condition as we found it. Our aim is always to keep disruption to a minimum.
Will power flushing break my radiators or central heating pipes if they are old?
No. Remember we are cleaning your central heating system under much the same pressure your system usually operates at when it’s hot. Power flushing simply cleans away rust and sludge. However, if your radiators are in a state of disrepair and are heavily rusted, you would be advised to repair them before flushing.
How long do the effects of a power flush last for?
The life of the boiler installed on the system, as long as the system has no defects.

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Boiler and Central Heating Repair


How soon can AHP repair my boiler?
85% of our boiler servicing and repair call-outs are reached within 1 hour, with 65% of boilers repaired within the first hour. We repair boilers in Hertfordshire and North / West London.

Do you charge for call-outs?
No, AHP don’t charge for call-outs. We do charge for boiler and central heating diagnosis and repair.

Do you provide emergency plumbing services?
Yes, for those located in Hertfordshire and North / West London.

Do I get a guarantee?
All spare parts (that are changed) include 1 year guarantees.

Are AHP gas-safe registered to do my repair?
Yes. We are fully competent qualified and insured.

Do AHP carry spare parts?
We carry most generic boiler and central heating parts on our vans. If we don’t have a required part stocked, we can usually source it the same day. If the part is a special order, we would advise on delivery timescales accordingly.

What makes of boiler and heating systems can you repair?
We repair, install and replace all gas and electric boiler systems (including parts) available within the UK. Some of the manufacture boilers we repair:

  • Worcester Bosch.
  • Valliant
  • Potterton
  • Heat line
  • Viessmann
  • Mains Mersey
  • Main
  • Baxi
  • Mega Flow
  • Pulser Coil
  • Gledhill
  • Honeywell
  • Vokera
  • Broadus
  • Raven heat
  • Ideal
  • Oso
  • Andrews

If you can’t find the answer to your question, contact us as we’d be delighted to answer any questions you might have. Alternatively, find out more about us or catch-up on our latest news.

Author: Tony Hernandez

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