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Landlord Gas Safety Certificates in North London


Did you know that landlords are legally required to obtain a yearly landlord gas safety certificate (CP12) for all gas appliances and flues used within their rented accommodation?

This certificate is awarded upon the successful completion of a gas safety check, to make sure gas fittings and appliances are safe to use by tenants, which can only be carried out by a registered Gas-Safe engineer.

Should non-compliance lead to death from carbon monoxide poisoning or due to unsafe gas appliance supply or gas leaks, the landlord could be charged with manslaughter. Also, failure to produce a valid certificate can result in the following:

  • Prosecution
  • Invalidation of property insurance
  • Liability for expensive claims
  • Heavy fines

A gas safety certificate copy must be given to a tenant within 28 days of issue and the tenant should retain this for two years from the point of testing. This retention period will ensure compliance and proof of a landlord’s legal gas safety requirements.
Gas safety certificates can be issued for a number of gas appliances including:

  • Central Heating Systems
  • Gas Boilers
  • Gas Fires
  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas-powered Ovens


Gas Safety Inspections: Boilers & Gas Appliances


Our Gas-Safe engineers are qualified to carry out safety inspections and checks on boilers and central heating systems, as well as write up ‘Home Buyer’ reports. Our Gas safety inspections include:

  • Central heating system tightness ‘gas leak’ tests
  • Gas appliance tightness checks
  • Standing and working pressure at meter and appliances
  • Burner pressure and gas rate checks against manufacturer data
  • A review of adequate ventilation
  • Flue flow testing for combustion product removal
  • Confirmation that flame failure devices are fully operational
  • Boiler system defect checks
  • Checks for unsafe operation or installation
  • Flue installation and ventilation standards compliance

Home Buyer’s Reports


On completion of a gas safety inspection, the tester will record the findings on the landlord’s or home owner’s gas safety inspection record. The gas safety certificate is a useful tool:

  • For sellers it removes doubt from potential purchasers to the suitability of the gas installation
  • For surveyors and solicitors who’s clients have gas installations tested prior to purchasing a property
  • For buyers to discover gas supply defects prior to purchase
  • For obtaining an estimated cost of boiler repair or new boiler installation
  • For peace of mind, knowing that a professional gas safety engineer has provided a thorough gas inspection

Gas-Safe Registered Engineers


AHP Boiler Services’ qualified plumbers are Gas-Safe registered to carry out inspection checks. They carry identification (ID) and are fully uniformed. You can trust us to carry out gas safety inspections and plumbing work in a friendly, professional manner - at all times.
To obtain a gas safety inspection certificate or to book a gas inspection, please contact us today.

If you’ve already had a gas safety check carried out and your gas appliance has failed, one of our specialists will be happy to advise you on the best course of action to take and the options available to you.


Author: Tony Hernandez

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