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Water Pressure Booster Pumps - Installations and Repairs in Hertfordshire

Stuart TurnerBy installing water pressure booster pumps, AHP Boiler Services can help you increase the mains water pressure to your boiler, shower and bathroom in your apartment, house or garden.

As approved Stuart Turner Pump installers and repairers, trust us to resolve your low water pressure problems – you’ll be in the safe hands of a friendly, fully-insured and experienced gas-safe-qualified team.

Why have we partnered with Stuart Turner? They’re one of the top pump manufacturers in the UK market and with the help of our services you’ll get far better water pressure from your shower and boiler, with long guarantees.


Shower & Boiler Water Pressure Checklist


  • Are you suffering from low water mains pressure?Are you suffering from low water mains pressure?
  • Is your shower not powerful enough?
  • Does it take forever to fill up a bath?
  • Have you been told that you need a breaker tank and pump, but don't have the room?
  • Have you been told that you don’t have enough water pressure to install a combination boiler?
  • Have you been told that you don’t have enough water pressure to have a unvented hot water cylinder like a  Mega flow?
  • Do you need a new booster pump for your bathroom, shower or complete house?


If you answered “yes” to most of the above, it’s very likely you need to improve your water mains pressure.

We’ve listed some water pressure booster solutions below that we can install, to get your water pressure problems resolved. It’s never been more easier, at a price that’s both competitive and affordable.


Solutions for Boosting Your Mains Water Pressure


FlomateBoost up to 12-25 litres of cold drinking water, per minute, from your water main without the need to install a breaker tank!

Flomate Mains Boost Extra 200 - the  solution for intermittent or low mains water pressure - and no need for a cold water break tank. Connected directly to the incoming cold water mains, this system is compliant with all UK water regulations.

Flomate Mains Boost Extra will deliver up to 24 l/min flow at 3.0 bar pressure to multiple outlets within your property, up to the preset cut-in limit of the 200 litre pressure vessel, that will deliver 12 litres per minute, until demand ends and the pressure vessel recharges. Therefore ending those miserable low water pressure scenarios!


Water Boosting Pumps for Bathrooms on Gravity-Feed Systems (such as tanks and hot water storage units)


MonsoonThese high performance, premium -quality brass pumps are designed to boost water pressure across a wide range of domestic and light commercial applications -  the ideal solution for larger homes and apartments. These pumps can be fitted with twin or single pumped out lets.

Monsoon Extra pumps supply pressure between 1.4 - 5 Bar and provide 12-25 litres per min.


Water Pressure Boosting Pumps for Individual Baths or Showers


ShowermateThese high quality plastic water boosting pumps are ideal for domestic use and offer a low-cost effective solution for boosting the performance of an individual shower or bath and shower combination.

These booster pumps also can be fitted with twin or single pumped-out lets, with 1.4 bar to 5 bar water pressure and providing 12-25 litres per min – probably more than you would necessarily need!

Download Stuart Turner’s complete range of water pressure booster pumps here.

AHP provide Stuart Turner’s comprehensive range of water pressure booster pumps to suite your boiler, shower and bathrooms’ hot water requirements and budget. Based in Watford, we also install and repair water pumps throughout most areas of Hertfordshire including St AlbansBushey and Rickmansworth, as well as North & West London.

Please don’t worry about your low water pressure - we have technically-skilled pump engineers that are fully insured, gas-safe qualified and are ready to attend your premises to help, so book your appointment by contacting us today. Alternatively, find out more about us, take a look at our Google+ reviews or read our customer testimonials.



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