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Help! I Have a Gas Leak. What Now?

Can you smell gas?
Have you spotted a damaged gas pipe or valve?
Is your gas boiler or appliance leaking gas?

If you think you’re experiencing a gas leak, it should be dealt with immediately. No matter how inconvenient your situation, you need to take prompt action.


Dealing with a Gas Leak: 7 actions you need to take right now:


Turn of the gas supply to the property (apartment, workplace or building)


  • Open all doors and windows immediately to ventilate the room and property
  • Make sure that all gas appliances are turned off
  • Don’t take any action that can produce sparks or that can cause a fire
  • Don’t turn on lights or any other electrical appliance including intercoms
  • Don’t make any phone calls on mobiles or land lines - telephones today are all electronic, meaning there’s a risk of arc formation and spark generation
  • Get in touch with gas professionals who can find and repair your gas leak. We’re trained and qualified Gas-Safe technicians, waiting for your call

Did you know?


  • Most people don’t even know that they have a gas leak, until a gas heating engineer has inspected their property or carried out works at the property, such as boiler servicing or landlord gas safety inspections
  • AHP Boiler Services can track, locate and repair gas leaks or abnormalities in your heating system, with little disruption and no danger to you or your property, all within one hour


Avoiding Gas Leaks and Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Gas safety

  • CO Detectors and Smoke Alarms - AHP Boiler Services strongly recommend fitting smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

  • Gas Safety Checks - A qualified engineer must test and check your central heating system and gas appliances, both indoors and outside, on an annual basis. We provide gas inspections in HertfordshireNorth London and West London

  • Taking Precautions: In prolonged absences, it’s recommended you:

    • Shut off your property’s gas isolation valve (found at the gas meter)
    • Turn off any pilot lights you may have on appliances
    • Disconnect bottled gas supplies

  • Check the Gas Appliances’ Flame for Abnormalities:

    • Make sure ventilation in rooms that contain gas appliances, are not blocked or obstructed
    • A clear and stable blue flame shows an efficient clean combustion system
    • Make sure you prevent the flame from being extinguished while cooking
    • If the smoke produced by the flame blackens your pans, gas fire or the surrounding area of your appliance, this could be a sign of poor combustion which leads to carbon monoxide poisoning


If you find yourself in an emergency situation related to gas or carbon monoxide, please remember to ventilate your house, turn off the gas immediately and call us on 0800 328 0449.

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