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Stop Your Condense Pipe Freezing & Breaking Down – West London

At AHP Boiler Services, we understand how frustrating it is when your boiler hasn’t worked for days, in cold weather, due to the condense pipe freezing up. It’s a problem that we could do without.

If you’ve had any of these similar experiences, we’re sure you’ll find this product very helpful:


  • Does your boiler stop working in freezing cold weather?
  • Have you had to call out a boiler engineer, to get you boiler working in cold weather?
  • Does your condensing boiler or condense pipe keep freezing up?


So, we’ve found  a rather cleaver solution – the Heat Track Condense Pipe Kit. In a nutshell, it stops your condense pipe from freezing.


The Heat Track Condense Pipe Kit Solution


Never have your condense pipe freeze again, with this thermostatically energy-efficient solution to condense pipe freezing.

With the Heat Track Protection Kit, your condense pipe will not freeze up this winter!

AHP Boiler Services will:


  • Assess and review your boilers potential freezing condense problem
  • Provide a bespoke anti-freezing heated pipe installation

Why Do Boilers Freeze?

 why do boilers freeze?

If you’re having problems with your boilers’ condensate pipe freezing up in winter, we can install this bespoke thermal warming kit that allows you to terminate the problem. We install a small trace cable throughout the condense pipe run, inside a length of insulated pipe and the trace cable heats up to prevent the freezing problem.

The BoilerTrace Condensate Trace Heater can be installed to any length of pipework, complete with:


  • Inline Thermostat and RCD
  • Junction Box, warning labels and instructions


Additional information about the installation:


  • The heater will be connected to a permanent live supply on your boiler via a fused spur or wall socket
  • The thermostat is the most accurate of its kind, being able to switch at 3 degrees, so it is only on when required (and therefore reduces your energy bill)
  • The cable is 10W/meter meaning that your running costs are extremely low
  • The yearly costs will be negligible - in contrast to calling out an emergency engineer in the middle of the night!

Book in your installation and never worry about frozen condensing pipes ever again - contact AHP Boiler Services to discuss a date and time today.

We cover most parts of West London, including: Brentford, Chiswick, Shephard's Bush, Ealing, Fulham, Hammersmith, Hampton, Notting Hill, Isleworth, Kew, Richmond and Twickenham.

Our skilled technicians are gas-safe qualified, fully insured and are ready to assist, so find out more about us, take a look at our Google+ reviews or read our customer testimonials.

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