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Boiler Installations - food for thought...

Purchasing or installing a new boiler? What are the biggest considerations?


The ‘output’, the physical size and the location. Boilers come in all different shapes and sizes and deliver heat and hot water differently – all of which can have an impact...


Combi boilers are great for small homes or flats; they are compact and heat water directly from the mains, delivering heat and hot water almost immediately. However, they aren't always great for larger hot water requirements.



Boiler Installations - the bigger picture...

For larger properties, system or sealed system boilers are often installed. These are bigger systems that use an expansion tank and storage cylinder which are installed either in the loft or in a big airing cupboard. System boilers are more suitable for homes that use a lot of hot water.

You may also need to consider whether to have a wall or floor mounted unit, depending on which position is most convenient, plus there may be various weight and dimension factors to consider.

If you haven’t done so already, it may be worth grabbing a tape measure and doing a bit of reconnaissance work to establish what kind of heating system you currently have, where it is positioned and how big it is.

As Europe’s number one heating technology manufacturer, Valliant’s range of Eco Tec Boilers has been designed to suit all of your house holds hot water and central heating needs to match standard radiator installations to under floor heating and even unvented hot water systems and solar heating systems.

All of Advanced Heating and Plumbing’s systems are designed and built to offer you the best performance in efficiency, quality and reliability.

Valliants Eco tec boilers which are the top SEDBUK A Rated SAP 2005), Operate with a seasonal efficiency of over 90%. Typically, older types of conventional boilers only achieve efficiency’s of between 55% - 65% meaning your high efficiency condensing boiler installation can save you over a third on your heating bills. Save up to £300 per year!

Did you know new style condensing boilers recycle heat that would have otherwise been lost, also saving you up to £300 + per year?
We have installation prices starting from £ 1,650.00 offering between 5 – 7 years guarantee.
Whether you are looking for a combination boiler installation or conversion to a system boiler or conventional boiler, Advanced Heating and Plumbing (based in Watford, Herfordshire) can supply and fit the perfect solution for you!

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Author: Tony Hernandez


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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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