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Landlord’s Duty to Gas Safety & Legal Responsibilities

Gas Safety Law: Landlords Duty, Legal Responsibility and Rented Accommodation - Know The Facts!

The safety of tenants regarding gas appliances within their rented property is the Landlords responsibility. A Landlords' duty of care applies to a wide variety of accommodation types whether occupied under rental lease or through licence:


  • Residential rental properties - provided by local council authorities, housing associations, private landlords, housing co-operatives, hostels, bedsit accommodation, private households, bed and breakfast and hotels or rooms let within a property or commercial premises.
  • Holiday rented accommodation - such as caravans, static caravans, flats, chalets,  boats and even static tents.

Gas Safety Regulations 1998 (Installation and Use) list a Landlords’ duty of care to make sure gas appliance flues and fittings supplied to tenants are safe and that carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are fitted within the place of residence.

The Guardian Newspaper states: “Landlords are legally required to organise an annual gas safety check to be carried out by a registered Gas Safe engineer, but more than a third (41%) of tenants report that their gas appliances had broken down several times in the past five years, indicating that landlords aren't taking their responsibilities seriously.” Read the full story here:


A Landlord's Responsibilities to Gas safety


When letting a property with gas appliances, there are three main responsibilities:


  • Regular servicing and maintenance: all appliances, flues and pipe work must be maintained in a safe condition and flues checked for access if conveyed through voids or ceilings. See here for details on access panels.
  • Gas appliances annually serviced in accordance with manufacturer instructions: if these are not available it is recommended that they are serviced annually unless informed otherwise by advice from Gas Safe register.
  • Landlord or home owner gas safety checks (commonly known as a "CP12"): a gas safety check must be carried out annually on all gas appliances/flues and gas supplies.  A gas safety check will make sure gas fittings, flues, pipe work and appliances are safe to use and that there are no gas leaks.
  • The Landlord Gas Safety Certificate: A copy of the annual gas safety check (called a Home Owners or Landlord Gas Safety Certificate ( CP12) must be provided to the tenant within 28 days of the checks being completed. New tenants should receive a copy before they move into the property or accommodation supplied by the landlord.
  • Gas Safety Certificates: Landlords are required by law to keep copies of the gas safety records for up to two years

All installation, maintenance and safety checks need to be carried out by a gas-safe registered engineer every 12 months. Contact us today to book a gas safety check.


Author: Tony Hernandez

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