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How Can You Increase Low Mains Water Pressure?

Are you and your family suffering from low mains water pressure? Maybe you have a poorly performing shower and / or slow-filling bath?


How can you increase the water pressure in your home, apartment or garden?


If you don’t have substantial water pressure or high water flow rate, household water usage can be irritating! How can you tell if you're already suffering from this problem?


You might have toilets that take too long to refill. The cold water tanks in the loft can run dry due to slow filling, causing air locks in the pipe work. Showers that don’t have a good water flow that take you 10 minutes to get shower gel off!


You may want to have a combination boiler fitted but have been told that you cannot have one as you mains water pressure is too low. Even watering the garden takes a life-time to accomplish.


If you relate to any or all of the above, we can install an inline water pressure pump that meets all water regulations and bylaws that can be fitted to your domestic cold water mains supply pipework. In most cases, installation will take only an hour, so our plumbers can fit this device on the very same day.

Booster Pump


Installing a water mains pressure booster pump will help speed up slow-filling baths and poorly performing showers and improve the overall water pressure of your gas combination or electric heating boiler. The improvements that a water pressure pump makes to apartments located on the top floor of a building, which may have reduced pressure is amazing!


AHP Boiler Services are Approved Installers of Stuart Turner water pressure booster pumps, so we can resolve water pressure problems for your home, apartment or dwelling. Our qualified water pump engineers cover most areas within North LondonWest London and Hertfordshire.

If you would like us to give you a free estimate to have this mains water pressure booster fitted, then contact Us today.


Author: Tony Hernandez

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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