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Boiler Replacement in Watford, Herts & North / West London: Condensing Boiler Benefits

Is it time to replace your boiler


With winter here, the worry of how much you might have to depend on your boiler this year (or the coming years) poses a disturbing question - how much longer will your old boiler last before needing boiler replacement


People say they've had their old boiler for years and that it's a very dependable central heating system that's been working fine for years -  but how energy efficient is your old gas boiler? More to the point - have you thought about replacing your old boiler?


Most old gas boilers are between 65– 80% efficient and  that’s when they were brand new and newly installed, compared to a condensing  gas boiler, which is around 90-98% efficient - that means for every £1 you spend on gas on your old boiler, only 65 – 80 pence gets transferred into usable heat with the rest of the heat escaping through the flue into the atmosphere. Compare this to a condensing gas boiler that would give you 90 -98 pence of usable heat.  


Whether it’s a heat only gas boiler or a combination gas boiler, IF the boiler was installed over 7 years ago, it’s probably not a condensing boiler.


With gas company price increases showing on your energy bills (and set to increase), that old central heating system could do with a few tweaks i.e. (central heating upgrades) to ensure you and your family are kept warm and to save you money and expense, whether on gas or electricity bill savings or preventing boiler repairs or boiler breakdowns.


There are many ways that homes can reduce their energy bills - a few include:


  • Insulation in lofts, windows and floors
  • Boiler replacement


Replacing your boiler system could save you upto 40% on your gas bills. For example, if the average spend on energy bills a is £1,350 per year, that’s a saving of £400.00 a year.


With savings as much as that per annum, in today’s economical climate,  would you still consider keeping your old boiler, especially as its getting older and making you spend up to 40% more than you should on energy?  


AHP Boiler Services can install a new gas boiler in as little as a day, with the added cost saving of not having to conduct a power flush - your central heating system will be working like new.


With savings of upto 40% on your energy costs year after year, and with the average cost of £1475.00 for your new boiler, it would almost paid for itself in under 3 Years.  Also, newer boilers are smaller, more compact and better looking than older boilers, so you will possibly find that you will gain on space and could have it located somewhere out of site - enabling you to install those extra cupboards in the kitchen you wanted. 


Most boiler manufactures offer fully comprehensive 5 year plus parts and labour boiler servicing, giving you peace of mind of having to not face costly boiler repairs and irritating boiler breakdowns on the coldest days. 


You have the assurance that AHP Boiler Services are fully trained and approved Gas Safe installers for boiler manufactures such as Valliant, Viessmanns and Worcester Bosch boilers - with our team fully trained by all these boiler manufactures, therefore delivering you the high quality installation service for your heating system.  


Call us today on 0800 328 0449 or Contact Us for more information about boiler replacement or the savings replacing your boiler can bring.


Author: Tony Hernandez


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