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Is Your Boiler & Central Heating System Energy Efficient?

We're often asked ‘How can I make our boiler and central heating system more energy efficient?’

Customers often think it’s cheaper to leave the boiler and gas central heating on all day at a low temperature, or that programming central heating to go on and off from the timer is a good idea. Both are incorrect..


Insulating your central heating system pipes and hot water tank may be the answer! Ask yourself:


  • Is my property well insulated?
  • Is my gas central heating system energy efficient?


If not, you'll probably find your boiler is using a lot of gas and costing you lots of money!

Try this experiment to see how well your system performs and which is best for your pocket:


1) Run the central heating system on low for 1 week and take a gas meter reading at the start and finish, then


2) Run the same experiment with the timer bringing on the system


3) Review the difference and which will suit your budget best


Insulation is the best way to stop heat escaping and costing you more money. We highly recommend insulating your central heating pipes and hot water tank, as well as the loft.

Did you know?


  • 25% of the heat lost in homes escapes through the roof and up to 35% of the heat in a home is lost through walls
  • Filling cavity walls reduces heat loss from 35% to 10%
  • Even if windows are properly draught-proofed about 20% of heat is lost through a closed single glazed window
  • Installing double-glazing halves heat loss through windows. The cost of double-glazing varies greatly from a cheap and fairly temporary method, such as fitting cling film (i.e. temporary secondary glazing), to having complete windows and frames replaced.

So, how can you make your central heating system more energy efficient?


  • Room thermostat control - to control the house temperature from getting to hot and only coming on when needed
  • Thermostatic radiator valves – to manually reduce (or switch off) the temperature in rooms, such as bedrooms or utility rooms
  • Programmable room thermostat control – to control temperature by time if you want to leave your heating on all day
  • Fitting a new condensing gas boiler - typically a condensing boiler would have a seasonal efficiency of between 83% and 92% compared with an older boiler type at 55-60 %
  • Power flushing your central heating system - makes the central heating output far more efficient, especially on old heating system’s  as power flushing can make them run like new!

We’re always trying to help our customers save money and become more energy efficient. Contact us today, find out more about us or get a fast quote to improve your central heating & boiler energy efficiency


Author: Tony Hernandez


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