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Boiler Breakdown Cover – Is It Worth It? (the unfortunate truth..)

In the lead up to the coldest months, you’ll find a BIG push online and offline for boiler breakdown cover services for home owners.

This is because there’s lots of money to be made from customers that opted for a boiler breakdown repair insurance.

Based on a monthly average cost of £30 (£360 per year) you may still have to pay an excess fee of around £100! 


This raises questions and concerns about boiler breakdown cover:

 questions and concerns about boiler breakdown cover

  • Where are all these boilers that go wrong?
  • Will it cover all types of gas boiler systems?
  • Is everything covered within my boiler?
  • What isn’t covered?
  • If I'm getting my boiler regularly serviced, why do I need boiler breakdown cover?
  • What am I really getting with this service?
  • Is boiler breakdown cover actually worth it?

Do most boiler breakdown cover services include what’s really important to you?


No! Most don’t include important repairs or replacements that are integral to the well-being of your boiler or central heating system, including:

  • Heat exchanger replacement
  • Repairs or servicing to under-floor heating, 
  • Power flushing due to sludge in the heating system
  • Central heating system blockages
  • Issues caused by boiler or central heating not being installed to manufacturer's instruction
  • Boiler is too old to source parts
  • Boiler replacement
  • Operational faults caused by a poor installation
  • Flue systems
  • Faults caused by sludge in the central heating system

Although there are some good boiler service plan contracts supplied by some companies, we’ve been told by many frustrated (and angry) customers (some of which had been on them for years) that when substantial repairs are required, they’re not covered!

At a push, their contracts may include fixing a faulty pump or valve and if you can stand the wait (in most cases) a replacement pump or a valve will cost you approx £100 - £200 with a lifespan of at least 5 years.

Do the maths..


Why should a homeowner spend over £300 a year for a service that has a very limited cover? When you think about it like this, it seems plain crazy..

You could save money by self-insuring: the typical cost for a service on a standard combination gas boiler is £79. If nothing goes wrong with your boiler over the course of a year, you'd have been better off just paying for a one-off service than taking cover.

Do some research..


A quick check on Google for “boiler cover customer complaints” using big energy company brand in your search will uncover decisive answer to customers whom have been on the receiving end of unresolved problems, poor service and a severe lack of value for money.


Our experiences..


We’ve been called out to check boilers and heating systems that have been “looked after” by companies offering this breakdown cover and all include a boiler service in their packages. We’ve found a majority of boilers in very bad conditions (some health-wise) with casings that haven't been removed for years – appalling..

When chatting to customers of these services, we’ve been informed of certain engineers that just stick a probe in the boilers Flue to check its burning right and, well, that’s it. No checking radiators or controls and in many cases not even removing boiler casing. How can a boiler be serviced if casing isn’t even removed?!

It’s your decision..


It’s your decision on how you spend your money, but our advice would be to get your boiler and heating system serviced once a year by a reputable company.

Now the bit about us: we have a great reputation (our long-standing customers say so!) and many originally came to us in anger and desperation due to their bad experiences with large energy company boiler and central heating cover services.

These same customer are now happy: not only from the improved level of service they receive but lower costs too..

Check out our customer video testimonials or contact us to discuss our Hertfordshire and North / West London annual boiler and central heating system servicing packages.

Author: Tony Hernandez

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