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Why Do I Have To Keep Resetting My Boiler?

If you find yourself asking this same question, you’ve come to the right place!


“Lockout” is the term used to describe a boiler will not work due to a fault. Notification of a fault can show as either of the following, displayed on the control panel of the boiler...


  • A red or green flashing light
  • A specific fault code


Both of these notifications show that something’s wrong with your boiler and needs investigating or fixing.

If your boiler constantly needs resetting, there are many different potential reasons why, but it’s normally a sign that there is something wrong with your boiler. It could be:




Reasons for Boiler “Lockout”


There are two main reasons why a boiler goes into “lockout” mode:

The boiler has become too hot


This can be caused by the boiler not having enough water pressure inside and can happen for many reasons:

  • Your boiler may need a new pump
  • Your boiler may have sludge in the system, causing mechanical failure
  • There could be a blockage


The boiler has an ignition problem

If you pay by card or coin meter, a lack of gas flow could be resolved by simply topping up your credit.

Other ignition problems could be caused by:


  • A faulty fan assembly
  • Dirt and / or debris in the combustion chamber
  • Faulty safety control
  • The power supply to the boiler has tripped


There are many reasons why your boiler might go into lockout. The “reset” button (or dial) is your first port of call when experiencing boiler problems such as these.


The Boiler “Reset” Button


Boiler ResetYou might find that after you’ve reset your boiler, everything is working fine and the boiler comes bouncing back to full function.


There are quite a few differences between reset buttons on various makes and models:


Usually it’s a press button that has a flashing light, a flame or a cross through it. The button just states “RESET”


If you’re not sure what your particular boiler reset button looks like, take a look in your boilers instruction manual – it will tell you there.

The button should only be pressed once. Be careful not to damage your boiler by repeatedly pressing the button, as you could damage the control panel or printed circuit board, resulting in a costly repair.



How Can AHP Boiler Services Help?


If pressing or turning your reset button doesn't work, you’ll need to call a heating engineer to investigate the cause of the problem. As you’d guess, AHP Boiler Services are qualified to diagnose your problem and carry out a boiler repair. Fast.

We suggest having your boiler serviced in order to diagnose the full extent to the problem, as constantly resetting your boiler will only make things worse if you have a faulty component.

We can diagnose and repair boiler faults (in most cases) within the same day you call us.

What’s more, all our boiler repairs come with a guarantee and the peace of mind that all our engineers are Gas-Safe Registered and will treat your home just like they would their own.

We can normally be with you within the hour and aim to get your boiler working again asap.


Reset Button Examples


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