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Does My Boiler Need Repairing or Replacing? That’s the Question!

If your boiler keeps on breaking down, your situation it’s no fun at all.


We all take our central heating systems for granted and when they break down, it can be a very stressful time for all the family...


  • Plates start piling up in the kitchen sink
  • We can't take a relaxing bath
  • We can’t face taking a cold shower in the morning
  • If it’s during the colder months, it’s as cold inside as it is outside


I know this already! Should I replace or repair my faulty boiler?


Here’s five questions you need to ask yourself that will help you understand the difference between boiler repair and replacement much better:

How old is your boiler?

Before having your boiler repaired try to find out if parts are still readily available. After 10 years boiler manufacturers tend to discontinue spares and accessories on some makes of boilers.

If your boiler is over ten years old, it may not be as efficient as a new boiler in providing hot water or central heating and, due to its age, could be costing you far more money in the future to run or keep repairing. Also, it's worth considering if your boiler is safe to use and whether installing a new boiler should be explored.

How energy efficient is your boiler compared to having a new one?

If your boiler is over 7 years old, the chances are that it might not be a condensing boiler.  

High efficiency condensing boilers were installed from approx 2004, when it became a building regulation that new, high efficiency boilers had to be installed.

If you are not sure what energy rating your boiler is, you can just contact us at AHP-Boiler Services and we’ll tell you what your existing boilers‘energy rating is.

With energy prices going up, it’s becoming more vital that your boiler is energy efficient, which can save you up-to 38% year on your fuel costs. The cost of running your boiler needs to be taken into consideration, if you are going to repair your existing boiler and not replace it with new.

How much is this boiler repair (really) going to cost?

Some boiler or central heating system repairs can run into many hundreds of pounds, but compared to the cost of a new boiler, it can seem a lot less. But you have to ask yourself: are you spending your money wisely?

When you have a repair carried out on your boiler or central heating system, you need to remember that it’s only the parts that repairers have replaced, that can be guaranteed.

Has your boiler always been reliable?

You must weigh up the general condition of the boiler and the central heating system when having a repair, as you don't want (or need) the expense of repairs on your existing boiler every couple of months. Plus it’s stressful and you’ll have to take time off work and wait for an engineer to arrive.

AHP Boiler Services can give you a detailed report to help you make a clear decision that’s best for you, your family and your pocket. Whatever you do, don’t get ripped off by cowboy plumbers and remember we’re here to help!

Will fitting a new boiler solve your heating problems?

There really isn’t much to lose if you’re getting a new boiler fitted and quite frankly a ton to gain!

AHP Boiler Services provide up-to 10 years parts and labour on your boiler, as long as you’ve serviced every year by a Gas-Safe Registered heating engineer.

Of course, having a new boiler fitted can be a costly job, but if looked upon as a long-term investment can save you thousands of pounds (if done correctly) and help you save money on energy bills, repairs and costly service plans and insurances – none of which will be needed as you’ll have a long guarantee with your new boiler.

Make sure whoever fits your boiler that (like us) they’ve been certified and officially trained by the manufacture of the boiler, so they can offer you extended guarantees like we can.

This also gives you the assurance that your boiler will be installed to the manufactures specification, while giving your boiler installation a problem-free future. Read AHP Boiler Services guide to new boiler and installation costs to find out what you can expect to pay.

For a list of frequently asked questions, please review this page. If you’re still unsure, contact us and we’ll do our best to help you decide the best course of action to take with your boiler.



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