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Electric Boiler Repairs & Installations in London

AHP Boiler Services specialise in repairing electric boilers throughout London. If you own or use an electric boiler installed in your property, we have expert electric repair specialists and engineers ready to take your call and attend your premises.

We repair, service and install all types of electric boilers: unvented hot water systems, thermal stores, under sink heaters, unvented storage units, direct and indirect cylinders and Pulsa Coils.

Some of the most common electric boiler manufacturers we repair include:


  • Boiler ManufacturersGledhill
  • Pulsacoil Boilers
  • Megaflows
  • Heatrae Sadia
  • Amptec
  • OSO
  • Flamco
  • Tristor
  • Boilermate
  • Telford
  • Elson
  • Valliant
  • Viessmann


Electric boilers are dangerous to have work undertaken on by anyone who is not a qualified engineer. For instance:

Badly installed electric boilers can cause many problems (and potentially threaten lives) such as loose wiring connections which, over time, can cause electrical components, relays and circuit boards to burn and melt

Poorly installed heating elements can cause electrics to blow fuses and units to overheat, causing safety valves to leak and discharge.
Units being fitted without adequate protection from limescale, which can cause a multitude of problems, sometimes ruining the electric boiler all-together.

If you have one the boilers listed, it’s likely we can repair your electric boiler the same day, subject to the availability of parts: giving you the speedy repair service you deserve.

Would you like £10 off your electric boiler repair bill? Simple – fill in your details and get back to us asap.

Common Electric Boiler Faults Fixed in London


  • No heating or hot water
  • Very small amounts of stored hot water
  • Leaking valves and pipes
  • Leaking drain off valves and heating elements
  • Noisy pump
  • Programmer not working
  • Leaking safety discharge.
  • Constant overflow dripping
  • Overall noisy boiler operation
  • No economy top up


Installed electric boilers found in newly-built apartments


  • Gledhill
  • PulsaCoil
  • PulsaCoil III
  • PulsaCoil 2000
  • PulsaCoil A-Class  
  • Mega Flow


Electric boiler faults repaired on a daily basis

  • Relay burn out
  • Printed circuit board failure
  • Faulty heating elements and thermostats
  • Burnt out wiring
  • Poor boiler installation
  • Faulty expansion vessel
  • Faulty temperature and pressure release valve
  • Faulty pressure relief valve
  • Faulty combination valve
  • Faulty pressure reducing valve


All electric boilers run on high voltage and are extremely dangerous to work on. A combination of high pressure water and high voltage means that they are volatile and must be repaired and serviced only by professional trained engineers.

If you’re without hot water or heating and urgently need an electric boiler repaired or a new system installed, please contact us - we can have an engineer with you same day, at a very competitive cost. We can also talk you through your options, offer expert advice or provide a quotation that’s easy on your pocket.



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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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