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Is Your Electric Boiler Not Working? 6 Symptoms & Cures

Is your electric boiler not working?


Do you own an Ariston, Megaflow, Tempest, Tristore, Santon or OZO electric boiler? This applies to YOU!


If you own an electric boiler and are having some problems with your unit, such as no hot water or the water isn’t heating up, we’ve listed 6 easy checks and remedies you can make, to find out if your hot water unit is working correctly and to get it up and running again.

These common faults can happen at any time and, in some cases, can stop your electric boiler from working correctly. If not resolved swiftly, some of these problems can cause severe damage (including safety issues) and, in certain circumstances, may require replacing your electric boiler for a new model.

Even if the severity of these issues doesn’t result in electric boiler replacement, if left unspotted, these problems can also cost you a lot of money in water and electric bills, especially if you are on a water meter.


6 Electric Hot Water Boiler Problem Symptoms & Cures:


Problem 1: Water dripping into Tundish


wate dropping into tundishCheck the Tundish to see if water is discharging. If water is discharging, this means the safety valve has opened due to too much pressure in the unit or too much heat.

Remedy: Try twisting the black or red cap on the temperature pressure relief vale to try to reseat the valve. If water doesn’t stop discharging, you will need to turn the water off and contact an AHP engineer.


Problem 2: Water discharging at tundish at a fast rate.


Check the boilers’ expansion vessel (normally installed on the wall beside the boiler). Tap the side of the vessel with a spanner. If the vessel makes a sound like it’s full of air (dull) or full of water, this means the expansion vessel needs to be replaced.
Remedy: you will need to turn the water off and contact an AHP engineer to replace parts to get your vessel working properly again.



Problem 3: No hot water?


Check that the power supply and the programmers (thermostats and timers) are on and calling for heat. If the power and the programmer is on and there is still no heat, you’ll possibly need to replace the elements and thermostats.

Remedy: you will need to turn the water off and contact an AHP engineer to replace parts, drain the boiler down and replace elements and thermostats.


Problem 4: No flow of hot water?


No flow of hot water?Check that the service valve has not been switched off or is partially closed.

Remedy: Open the service valve fully manually. If this does not work, you may need to replace the valve for new.


Problem 5: Not enough hot water?


Check that unit is heating up and that the elements are working.

Remedy: If the elements are not working, you’ll need to replace them. If you cann out an AHP boiler engineer, they may suggest that the unit needs to be upgraded for a bigger unit.


Problem 6: Water pressure too high.


CWater pressure too hot?heck that this is the same on all taps throughout the property and that there are no leaks.

Remedy: If this is the same on all taps, the combination valves’ pressure reducer may need replacing.


Know your hot water storage unit!

Know your hot water storage unit


A) Temperature & Pressure relief valve
B) Auto air vent
C) 3 Port diverter valve
D) Controls Mounting Plate
E) Flow meter with flush & fill ports
F) Tundish
G) Filling Loop
H) Magnetic Filter
I) Overheat Thermostat
J) Circulation Pump
K) Cylinder Drain off
L) Auto Bypass
M) Immersion Heater
N) System Drain off

The expansion vessel (right) is normally installed on the wall separately

If you would like your electric boiler unit serviced or inspected by our professional engineers, please contact us today for an appointment that suits you.

If you still need help after going through our 6 problems and remedies, all our engineers are fully trained to deal with all types of electric boiler faults and remember: we’re only a call away.

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