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Power Flushing in Watford, Hertfordshire


We offer an affordable power flushing service to help keep your central heating system functioning properly, by removing oxide sludge, dirt and lime scale. Irregular central heating cleaning can cause severe flow blockages, resulting in parts of your boiler slowly deteriorating.

As a power flushing company our aim is to clean your central heating system thoroughly, thereby improving it's life span. 

A central heating powerflush has many advantages:

  • Power flushing gives your system a new lease of life
  • Power flushing helps reduce gas bills and running costs
  • Central heating flushing is completed within 3 to 4 hours
  • Our power flush service is fully guaranteed
  • Low cost - you won't find cheaper power flushing anywhere

What are the signs that a power flush may be needed?

  • Poor hot water production and temperature
  • Radiator temperature fluctuation
  • Slow heat-up times
  • Erratic boiler functionality
  • Regular boiler and central heating repairs

The major benefit of flushing your system is that it can cure most hot water and heating problems, but also prolong the life of your boiler.

What is a Power Flush?


The term “power flushing” is used to describe high flow / low pressure cleaning of your boiler and central heating system. No damage is caused during flushing, with chemicals and filters used to remove sludge built-up and lime scale.

A power flushing machine is directly connected to the central heating or via a radiator. Chemicals are then pumped around your central heating pipes and, using a dump pipe, debris and scale are forced out to a drain, resulting in faster heat up times, even heat distribution and stabilised hot water temperatures.

Power Flushing with Magnatec or Magnaflow

Our power flushing solution includes the Magnatec Filter which removes suspended black iron oxide contamination from the flushing water, ensuring a more effective power flush with a reduction in chemicals and less disruption to the householder, due to shorter flushing time.

Once your central heating has been internally cleaned we'll install a Magnaflow Filter into your pipe-work to ensure that your heating system stays free from oxide sludge and limescale blockages in the future.

Low Flushing Costs


Our power flushing costs are very competitive, affordable and come with a full guarantee. Contact us today to organise a power flushing for your central heating system and boiler.


Landlord Gas Safety Certificate


Did you know that it’s a legal requirement for landlords of rented accommodation to obtain an annual gas safety certificate (CP12) to prove compliance on all gas appliances (including cookers and ovens) and flues within their property? AHP’s Gas-Safe engineers are fully qualified to carry out gas safety inspections and issue compliance certificates.


Author: Tony Hernandez

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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