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Underfloor Heating Installation in Watford, Hertfordshire


Did you know that underfloor heating is available in 2 forms? Wet (water underfloor heating ) and Dry (electric floor heating). We're specialists in installing underfloor heating and provide a team of fully trained, Gas-Safe registered underfloor heating fitters. 

Underfloor heating has been used since the Roman era. Flooring was heated by hot air passing through a furnace into small openings beneath the floor, creating a warm air convection that heated the living space.

Underfloor water heating warms a building by allowing the floor to act like a large radiator and do not need to run at high temperatures as heat is released across a large area and sent to the floor. Using this method, water temperature can rise to approximately 45 – 65oC, warming the floor to between 25 – 28oC.

The benefits of water floor heating are plenty:  

  • Heat rises from the floor, providing an even distribution of heat 
  • Water floor heating is easy to regulate with room control temperature 
  • Takes up less space - in comparison to traditional heating methods
  • Wet floors dry quickly
  • Wallpaper peeling and paint discolouration is prevented
  • Creates no noise, in comparison to central heating boilers and radiators
  • Low moisture content levels, therefore reducing the number of dust mites, aiding sufferers of asthma
  • Hazardous hot surfaces (such as radiators) are removed - safe where families are concerned


Underfloor Wet Heating

At the outset, underfloor wet heating installation can seem more expensive than a conventional central heating radiator system, as install timescale is longer, with more components required.

However,  the financial benefits of installing underfloor heating are worth investigating and are over and above that of central heating through radiators:

  • More efficient system to run
  • Shouldn’t require maintenance (unlike radiators)
  • Far more controllable home climate
  • Over time, underfloor heating reduces running costs   

Converting from boiler-based central heating to underfoor water heating is not a decision to be taken lightly. Having installed many underfloor heating systems, we can offer expert advice and suggest the best underfloor heating solution for your needs.


Did you know we also carry out underfloor heating repairs and can resolve problems you're experiencing?


Please contact us today to book an appointment to discuss your options.


Landlord Gas Safety Certificate


Did you know that it’s a legal requirement for landlords of rented accommodation to obtain an annual gas safety certificate (CP12) to prove compliance on all gas appliances (including cookers and ovens) and flues within their property? AHP’s Gas-Safe engineers are fully qualified to carry out gas safety inspections and issue compliance certificates.


Author: Tony Hernandez

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All Major Credit Cards Accepted

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